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Pillir Expertise for Faster Application Development

Pillir eliminates the need for extensive coding and makes application development easier. A solution for mobilizing and modernizing enterprise applications, Pillir helps organizations on their path to digital transformation by extending the capabilities of their existing enterprise software and systems to mobile devices and modern platforms.

Pillir's EdgeReady Cloud is a low-code application development platform designed to facilitate the rapid development and deployment of mobile and web applications. This platform aims to make it easier for businesses to mobilize their existing business processes and applications without the need for extensive coding.

Let the Pillir experts at SELECCIÓN help your organization with low-code applications.

Our Pillir Expertise

Low-Code Development

Allows users with varying levels of technical expertise to build and deploy applications without extensive manual coding.


Includes tools and capabilities for integrating with existing enterprise systems and databases, ensuring a seamless connection between mobile applications and core business processes.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Create applications that can run on various devices and platforms, promoting flexibility and accessibility.

Modernization of Legacy Systems

Helps organizations modernize their legacy applications, making them compatible with modern technologies and user interfaces.

Mobile Application Development

Enables businesses to extend their reach and empower employees with mobile tools.

Turnkey Industry Solutions

Get value in days, not months with our pre-packaged industry solutions.


The SELECCIÓN Difference. The Smart Choice.

Expert Team

A global team of experts with 25+ years in Cloud and SAP ecosystems

Cost-Balanced Solution

A mix of onshore and offshore resources to fit your needs and budget

Agile Approach

Big enough to handle your needs; flexible enough to be responsive

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