Solution Architecture for SD-WAN Deployment with VeloCloud in GCP Environment

SELECCIÓN aided in designing an SD-WAN architecture with VMware’s VeloCloud on Google Cloud Platform. The objective was to establish efficient and secure communication between many branch offices or physical locations (referred to as “branches”) and the GCP network.

The Challenge

GCP imposes strict limits on route learning, hindering the dynamic processes vital for SD-WAN deployments. At present, Google Cloud Router limits routes to 250 per region, with a possible extension to only 1000. With the ambitious task of assimilating nearly 3000 unique destination IP ranges from the VeloCloud orchestrator, these constraints posed a formidable challenge we needed to solve for our client.

The Solution

Proposed SD-WAN solution:

  • VeloCloud announces routes to a routing appliance (BGP Peering)
  • Simplified routing with one appliance per VPC.
  • Routing Appliance as Aggregator, Central device handles 3800+ routes.
  • Decisions made within appliance for Traffic Routing.
  • Traffic securely routed to VeloCloud & IPsec tunnels secure traffic within VeloCloud.

SELECCIÓN deploys Palo Alto’s NGFW as a routing appliance.

The Result

Our solution overcame GCP’s route learning constraints and provided the core capabilities needed for large-scale SD-WAN deployments. Through strategic employment of BGP peering, route aggregation, and specialized routing appliances, this architecture provides efficient traffic flow across branches and the GCP realm, all while delivering appropriate levels of security and scalability to meet our customer’s needs.


SELECCIÓN Consulting’s innovative solution not only addressed the client’s immediate challenges but also positioned them for future success in an increasingly digital landscape. By overcoming GCP’s route learning constraints and delivering a robust SD-WAN architecture, SELECCIÓN Consulting demonstrated its commitment to driving transformative change and delivering tangible results for its clients.


SELECCIÓN provided a dedicated team which was with us every step of the way, ensuring a seamless transition during our cloud migration journey. Their support was essential in navigating the complexities of the process, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient integration to the cloud environment.
– Javier Perez, Sr. Network Manager, Public Storage

Continued collaboration with SELECCIÓN Consulting to explore additional opportunities for optimization and innovation in network infrastructure.

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