Maximizing Business Efficiency with SAP BTP: The Public Storage Success Story

SAP BTP Integration and Efficiency Enhancement

In today’s business landscape, seamless integration and efficient management of diverse systems and data sources are essential. However, many organizations face challenges with data silos, operational inefficiencies, and limited visibility into critical business processes. Public Storage encountered similar issues and sought a robust solution to enhance their business integration and efficiency. SELECCIÓN Consulting, with their SAP experts and consultants, stepped in to address these challenges and provide a comprehensive solution.

SELECCIÓN Consulting Solution: SAP BTP Integration and Efficiency Enhancement

Integrations with 30+ Internal and External Systems:

  • Utilize SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) to establish seamless integrations with over 30 internal and external systems, including banks, ensuring smooth data flow and communication.
  • Implement standardized integration protocols and APIs offered by SAP BTP to simplify the integration process and maintain compatibility across the ecosystem of connected systems.

Custom Property Management UI:

  • Develop a bespoke Property Management User Interface (UI) leveraging SAP BTP BAS development tools and frameworks.
  • Design the UI to provide intuitive navigation, comprehensive property management functionalities, and customizable features tailored to the specific requirements of the organization.

Work Zone Dashboard with RAMP & eBuilder System Notifications:

  • Deploy a centralized Work Zone Dashboard powered by SAP BTP, integrating real-time notifications from RAMP & eBuilder systems.
  • Enable stakeholders to monitor project statuses, receive timely notifications, and access key insights from a single, user-friendly interface, enhancing collaboration and decision-making.

Benefits of SELECCIÓN Consulting’s SAP BTP Solution

  • Streamlined operations through seamless integration with diverse internal and external systems, including banks, resulting in enhanced efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved user experience and operational agility.
  • Enhanced decision-making and collaboration enabled by a centralized Work Zone Dashboard providing real-time notifications and insights.
  • Increased visibility and data-driven insights through real-time data integration and analytics across multiple systems and sources.


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