A Case Study on Moving to Google Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery – Enhancing Data Security

Our client sought to streamline their backup and disaster recovery (DR) processes for Google Cloud Compute instances. Facing challenges with their existing Commvault solution, they turned to SELECCIÓN Consulting for a more efficient, cloud-native alternative. We recommended Google Cloud Backup and DR, resulting in numerous operational and financial benefits.

Challenges with Commvault

The client faced several issues with their Commvault setup:

Frequent Backup Failures:

Scheduled backups were unreliable, often failing and requiring manual intervention.

File Locking:

Critical files were locked during backups, disrupting ongoing operations.

Agent Management:

Installing and maintaining backup agents on each instance was cumbersome and resource-intensive.

Complexity and Costs:

The reliance on Commvault added complexity to their tech stack and incurred significant licensing costs.

Our Solution

We proposed migrating to Google Cloud Backup and DR, a fully managed, cloud-native solution. The transition involved configuring scheduled backups, setting up retention policies, and ensuring data integrity without the need for additional software or agents.

Benefits Realized

The move to Google Cloud Backup and DR yielded significant benefits:


The client experienced a notable improvement in the reliability of scheduled backups, with failures becoming a thing of the past.

No File Locking:

Google Cloud’s solution ensured that files remained accessible and operational during backups, eliminating disruptions.

Agentless Operation:

The client no longer needed to install or manage backup agents, simplifying their IT operations. Moreover, the backup process did not consume CPU or RAM resources on the instances, preserving their performance for core applications.

Cloud-Native Efficiency:

As a cloud-native solution, backup and restore processes were faster and more integrated with their Google Cloud infrastructure.

Enhanced Reporting:

The client gained access to advanced reporting capabilities, providing better visibility into backup operations and data protection status.

Cost Savings:

By eliminating Commvault licenses and support, the client realized significant monetary savings, reducing their overall IT expenditure.


The transition to Google Cloud Backup and DR not only resolved the operational challenges but also simplified the client’s technology stack. With increased reliability, efficiency, and cost savings, the client can now focus on their core business operations with the confidence that their data is securely backed up and easily recoverable.

This successful migration highlights the value of adopting modern, cloud-native solutions for backup and disaster recovery, underscoring SELECCIÓN Consulting‘s commitment to delivering innovative and cost-effective IT solutions to our customers.


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